onsdag 13 mars 2013

Memorykeeping | Nephew and neices

For my birthday a few weeks ago my mom, sister and her kids came to celebrate a whole weekend! We live about 2.5 hours away from eachother, so I don´t get to see them all that often. As I love taking pictures, I clearly snapped a few during the weekend :) Here are a few of them that have made their way into the scrapbook album. 

First, taking good photos of layouts with white backgrounds has been a challenge for me lately. Maybe I need to check my white balance setting on my camera...oh well.
The story behind this photo is that we were having dinner, the kids had their own table and I happened to just glance over and have my camera ready to snap this shot. It made my heart sing. It made me super happy that they love eachother so much and are so happy to see eachother and hang out together even though my daughter is so much older that the others. 
The story behind the process of the page: I made the whole page and suddenly it didn´t look right. I became so unsure of if the saying would be makes my heart sing or make my heart sing without anything infront of the make. A quick question on FB ;) told me that I had made a mistake and I didn´t have any room to add an s och the word make. That is why I added the mini alphas they :) 

On sunday before they had to sit in the car for hours, I took the kids sledding. We had so much fun! 

Maybe I shouldn´t zoom in so much when I take photos of pages with white backgrounds, because this one turned out better than the first one...or maybe it is just the fact that I should wait until I have natural light and not try to fake it with my lamp at night ;) 

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