söndag 10 mars 2013

Memorykeeping | Kitties

Last month I did a page about my dog Melvin and how life is with him right now. In that post I stated that I really should do a page about each of our pets. In my last post, I shared one of our oldest cat and here are the two girls. 

Here is the youngest, Martha. She is a delight and talks all the time. She has so much energy and spunk!
I rarely use muted colors, I think, although I have used greys alot this past year. 

And then there is this one, Sally. She is such a special kitty. She is calm and just enjoys the life of a spoiled cat :)

Using black and white as my colors is something I need to do more of. It is both fun and a challenge to not reach for color. 

Apperently I was on a paint splatter high at the time when I made these :) I know that it has been done for a long time now, but I still feel like it adds a little bit of umph to a page rather simply. 

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