måndag 11 mars 2013

Currently March 2013

Outside my window: I still see some snow on the ground, but know that the sunshine will help spring out a bit!

I am thinking: about alot of different things. How life sometimes seems a little complicated, that I still care to much about what other people think and how life will be like in the next coming months.

I am thankful: the love I feel around me, friendship, fellowship and laughter.

I am wearing: as it is freezing today, I just kept my jammies  on and just added an extra layer of sweatpants and a fleece ;)

I am creating: my weekly Project Life spread and 2 minibooks for WCS.

I am going: to finish up my projects, clean the table and have a very slow sunday night. 

I am hearing: my teenage daughter slamming doors unfortunately  ;) 

I am hoping: that the life things I am thinking about just resolve themselves in some magic way and I live happily ever after ;)

From the kitchen: today has been leftovers from my private chef (my new love is a chef you guys!) and I am making some pasta later today.

I have posted more of these lists here.

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