lördag 16 januari 2010

scrapbook saturday

well, i didn´t scrapbook that much this week. not that i didn´t want to, but that damn mojo wasn´t there! thats my problem sometimes, i actually long to scrabook, but then when i sit down i have no inspiration to do anything! its like with my huge wardrobe, i still don´t have anything to put on! so, i am stepping away from the scraptable for a little little while and hope that the absence will help!

a kinda boring layout actually, but it serves its purpose. i listed all the things that happened between 2000 and 2010 in our family. there are probably more things, but these are the basics. first i wanted to use some older photos, but then went with the non-photo layout instead. i don´t have many of these, but i kinda like it though.

sorry about the crappy photo above! i listed "all" the things i did in 2009. i wrote the list on my computer and used the free font called rough typewriter for it. for the 2009 i used another free font i downloaded called diesel. then i printed my photos and embellished with some pearls.

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