torsdag 7 januari 2010

1. the amount of snow that we have had for severalweeks now is awesome! this is the kind of winter i have been asking for! me and my husband remember our childhood winters as snowfilled. our family love the snow - minus the cats :)

2. i cleaned out and organized the kitchen cabinets the oher night and it made me feel very happy and content.

3. i need to get going with printing entries to my journal your christmas album!

4. i realized that 2009 was the year of facebook. almost all my facebook friends joined last year, so did i :)

5. i reconnected with anilu by chatting through facebook the other night. very cool!

6. i have a scrapbook related secret that i am not allowed to share just yet :)

7. i am currently in crafting withdrawl. since super-crafting before the holidays, i find myself all crafted out. i can´t seem to find any new projects at the moment, but my whole body and soul long to do something crafty!

8. i have never before had 0:- on my bank account! thank god for savings and a frugal husband!

9. i really need a good book! i´ve read a few books over the holidays, but now i am out. i need to go to the library!

10. i re-opened my etsy shop! right now there are 2 calender items there, but very soon i will be adding papers i have designed myself and other goodies!


10 on thursdays will be a weekly feature with a random or un-random list :) why don´t you join me?!

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