söndag 17 januari 2010

DIY - project


ok, did you also go wow! when you saw this photo? well, i did! it did actually made me drewl a little ;) anyways, it also made me want to make one of my own like right away. well, that didnt happen since a little thing called christmas came in the way of my project time. but now i had some time AND had a friend help too.

ok, so i had found this old window this summer at the recycling place. i love that it is worn and scratchy and old and lovely :) when i brought it home it actually had some of the windows still inside, but i took those out and used some sandpaper on it. then i asked a friend to make a backside to it. i originally thought that would mean a big piece of wood or something like it (not to heavy though), but my friend went to the next level and cut 3 pieces that fit wonderfully in the gaps of the window. yay!

i painted them all with chalkboard paint twice and it dried in like half an hour! yay for fast project! i put the painted pieces back in and used some small nails to fasten them on the back of the frame.

and voila! i love it! i am just not sure that it has found its right place yet though :)

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  1. underbar. så himla coolt med "svarta tavlor" jag kommer inte på vad det brukar kallas, det kanske kallas så??? coolt iaf. bra jobbat! kram