måndag 11 januari 2010

here we go

so, here is another new feature, taking 10 photos on the 10th every month. wanna play?

breakfast, the best kind = infront of the computer! (a few of these photos suck, just so you know!)

sally just hanging around in the kitchen. she is such a funny cat!

we had a doogie friend over for the day, lots of fun. isn´t he a beauty! we took a long walk in the wintery forest.

ugh, had to make some housework too...i acctually ended up showering the entire bathroom, it felt good after.

my daughter is getting ready for a big birthdayparty next weekend. her 2 cousins are turning 2 and she did some gifts for them, and their big brother, and even their parents!

my own miley cyrus :) she can do this 24/7. she is always in the kitchen, for some reason, and then she rocks out!

doing the weekly updates to our planner.

euhm...hair projects was started :)hehe, i will have to share photos of the finished thing tomorrow! you will be shocked :)

yummy dinner!

project runway :)

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