söndag 7 september 2008

wall art

As a few of you know we have had our house that was built in 68´ for a cuple of years now. And we have been working on it forever! The latest addition was new paint and floors to our front room (aka the small room right when you step in the door).

It is not entirely finished (does anything really become that?!) but we have put up the coat hangers and such. It is a small space and kind of dark right now since we haven´t put up the new lighting yet. We are leaning towards something like this

It is going over the tiles where we put our shoes and where we have a mirror. Good lighting is crusial here because the only window in the room is in the front door.

We don´t plan to have any furniture at all here, so the organisation soulution is also crusial. The coat hangers are to high for our daughter to reach them, so we are getting her a hanger of her own. Maybe something like this

We are getting the same baskets that i have in my craft room, to put our mittens, caps and hats in.

And now, to my acctual meaning for posting :) I wanted to create something to hang on one wall in this room. I wanted it to be simple and contain the words "love lives here" because i love that phrase. Voila! This is what i came up with!

It is a true hybrid project. First i cut the green background paper (it is very mych lime green although the photos show it like yellow!) and then sat myself down at the computer to create the text portion. I used a digital brush by Rhonda Farrer to create the tag and then convereted it to this brown shade. Oh, yes I was working in Photoshop! And then i played with different fonts but i decided to keep it simple. Kate Teague created a wonderful digital set with all sorts of trees whcih i love. I created a tree in the size i wanted in PS and then printed it out in WORD (tree and then treetop.) When i had it all printed out i didn´t want to use the treetop i had printed. Instead i choose a patterned paper and traced the treetop on there. Then i used my heart punch to embellish the tree a bit. I used the 3 hot pink hearts that symbolies the three people in our little family.

ok, well i guess that is it for now! :)

5 kommentarer:

  1. Your wallhanging is so adorable, cute and fresh! And the phrase may seem simple, but it's plain beautiful!!!

  2. love your wall art, it's fabulous!


  3. Lisa,
    du har en gåva! Vilken underbar tavla! Jag kan ofta tänka att jag ska göra något exvis väggord men det blir aldrig mer än en tanke. Du har så mycket kreativitet i dig. Du är fantastisk!
    Kram Sofia

  4. Hello i really love your wall art and the scrap layout using playing cards. Bravo!

  5. WOW! vilken underbar tavla! Tänk att jag inte hittat till den här bloggen förut, det fanns ju en massa underbart att vila ögonen på här ju! :D