lördag 27 september 2008

random list

1. i love fall! i want to state that once and for all :) i love the crisp fresh air, the beautiful colors, the smell of appels and leaves. i love to have my camera with me when i am out and about.

2. job things can wear you down! we have had some communtication problems at work and it really takes too much energy from me. i love my job very much, but the bickering takes alot of the fun out of it...

3. we had lovely shrimps yesterday it was so much yum!

4. i am loving new inspo for minibooks. i totally adore Karen Russlles latest one.

5. i am thinking about joining Ali Edwards one her "a week in the life quest". i am just worried about commiting. i don´t know if i can do a whole week :)

6. i am itching to do a RAK, look out! :)

7. i am also itching to make something with my new digital kit i may even think up a christmas gift or two with this...

8. i have borrowed jason mraz´ album from my sister and i must say that the music makes me want to playin puddles, search for rainbows and dance barefoot in the grass :)

9. my bleh-post the other day had a photo of me in my new shirt! and inge, i love it too! my mother bought it for me when she went to hungary the other month. i don´t know if i have said this before, but my mother is from serbia and my father from hungary. so i have a whole other cultural heritage and this shirt is a part of that. my grandmother has always made table cloths and other works of art using this sewing techniqe. i have two other shirt, one white with the same coloring and one with blue tones.

photo from 2006

10. we are making pizza tonight and have a bourne marathon :)

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  1. The blouses are very pretty. I especially like the white with blue. I'm enjoying this fall weather. It is so lovely. I hope you have a great day!