lördag 6 september 2008

hello saturday

How is your saturday going? Mine is very wet, it has been pouring down outside the whole day! But it is ok, because I don´t mind staying inside at all :) So what have i´ve been doing? Well:

i crawled out of bed at 9,30
had some breakfast
checked bloglines
put on a load of laundry
did some dishes
saw "because i said so"
took the dogs for a tiny walk (more to come)
made a scrap-hanging for our new front room (will show tomorrow)
finsihed up some other scrap projects

cuddled with the hubby :)
took a shower
hung up the wet laundry

as for now me and said hubby are taking the dogs for a well needed leg stretch and then we have a dinner guest this evening. We are serving baked salmon, tomato and mozzarella sallad and some garlic bread *yum*

what did you do?

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