söndag 21 september 2008

life update

thanks alot for the comments and the emails i have gotten the last week during my bleh-ness :) it always feels nice to come online and get lovely greetings. I also want to thank sweet sweet Mel who send me a package of love :) thank you so much!
so, the reason for my bleh-ness seems to be a combination of a cold that has decided to not just quite break out and a hellish tooth ache! AH! Have you ever had a tooth ache? OMG! It is terrible, let me tell you. from wednseday through friday and then saturday and sunday...and finally i have an appointment with the dentist on monday. i did get a nice set of drugs on friday though :) i have really been feeling not well, but during my drug related highs (!) i did manage to go to the harvest festival. i had been looking forward to that the whole month and i am glad that i went.

Did you know there were this many different kinds of potatos? And did you know that it is the UN´s international year of the potato 2008? The kids in my school made some potato goodies to be sold at the farmers market to benifit kids that have less than them.

One of my favorites are the mini pumpkins. i have a few in my house to decorate with and i love the shapes and colors.

i went with a really good friend of mine and we ended up going out saturday night, just for abit but we had sooo much fun! we danced and laughed and giggled :) good good times!

so, just to let you know, i am somewhat better now :)

4 kommentarer:

  1. awww I am glad you feel better and WHO KNEW there were that many potatoes wow.
    how does one decide!!!good luck with your tooth those toothaches suck big time!

  2. oooh yummy! i am a big fan of potatoes :)

  3. I am so intrigued by your photo, was there a mirror in the paddock?

  4. I Love Love Love potatoes! Have you ever seen a purple potato? They are grown here in Alaska and are quite tasty! :)