måndag 10 april 2006

ooops...I did it again!

...sorry for being MIA for a while again :( Last week was just so full and very tired...I guess I was tired from being sick the week before. Although today is also a sleepy day :) Monday morning is always my opening morning at school so that means I open at 6 am. But that also means that I get to go home at 2!

This weekend has been a relatively quite one. Saturday me and Dear Husband slept in and that was heaven! And then we had some delicious breakfast as we usually do on the weekends. We sit for like an hour and eat, talk and listen to the radio. Very nice.
Then Dear Daughter and her dad and step mom came over and we had some coffe and tea and I actually made some scones! We had a talk about daughters situation at school which is a little complicated at the moment. We are hoping that it will pass soon.

We where hoping that spring had really come this time but last week we had a blizzard again! We have had 3 solid months of winter and snow this year. Spring please come!!!

Sunday me and dear daughter made some papier mache easter eggs and we are finishing them up today. Am I a preschool mom or what?!! She had a birthday party as well and then we went for a walk with the dogs.

Nice and quite...

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