söndag 30 april 2006

hi :)

Time for an update again! We have been in Gothenburg for the weekend and we got to meet my sister and her family again. We "borrowed" my nephew over the day today! It is wonderful to get to know him. And his really photogenic :)
AND...I got some shopping done as well :) All scrapstuff ofcourse! I think I went a little overboard with 2 magazines bought and I ordered, but what the hell. I love the felts (it is a really dark photo but they are springly green and a beautiful blue shade). I plan to make some flowers for a necklace out of them. The ribbons are great colors as well, lot´s of fun to do with those! The rubons I love! I am so happy to have found white ones now! I found some great pearls also.

This week I got my CJ (circle journal) back from my group at 2peas I didn´t think that I would be that emotional about it. But I was so happy to see that all the girls (7) made such an effort to make it wonderful! I think ablout all the time, stash and creativity that is in my book now! Fantastic! I get s goosebumps all over flipping through it! Thank you so much again, girls!

Night night

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  1. Oh that looks so fun - must have felt like Christmas. That picture makes me want to pick it up and look inside!