torsdag 20 april 2006

I´m here

So I´m back. We got a new computer and it took a while for me to get everything fixed up. Everything is working just fine and I LOVE the dashboard!

So, life is going alright. My sister and her family was up for easter and it was fun! The little one is 7 months now and just to sweet! I took him for a walk and it felt good.
I took lots and lots of pictures. Easter sunday we went for dinner with mom since she had her birthday on the 18th. It was nice.

We are celebrating our 4th weddingday on the 27th of april!!! But we are actually having some dinner on saturday since it is D:s week to have dear daughter. We are looking up some nice resturants in a city called Linköping. We have never been there but though that we should go somewhere unusual.

Well, I have to make dinner now...

To J: I hope everything is good with you and good luck on your first days a work!
Love me

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  1. Thanks! I hadn't been to your site since you posted your note! What a fantastic lady you are.

    Work is good, slow but good. And YEAH!! You got a new computer! How cool is that. Did you get it new from a store or did someone build it? thats so cool!

    Have a nice week..
    Always.. me