tisdag 25 april 2006

Great weekend

We celebrated our 4th anniversary this weekend! Actually we got married on the 27th but we are booked this weekend so we celebrated a little early :) We had the most fantastic day at a city about a hour drive from our house called Linkoping. It is an old city with alot of history and now a big university city. We parked and took a stroll down town. There where alot of small shops and nice buildings. We had some wonderful luch at a restaurant at a hotel. And then laid in the park just catching some sun :) When we got to town we saw this long long line of people, it must have been over 50 people standing in line. At first we thought it was the line to the ATM, but it was the line to an icecream bar! Wow! We figured it have to some icecream that is sold there! But unfortunatly it wasn´t extra ordinary at all :(We had a great day!

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