tisdag 29 april 2014

Project Life 2014 | Week 15

Week 15.

This was the week our cat followed us to the store and I had to stay outside with her so that she didn´t go inside with us :) I journaled on the photo in Picmonkey before I printed the photo. 

This was the week I had a terrible day at work and my love had made a lovely suprise for me when I came home. 

This was the week I started yet another chrochet blanket. I now know how to do the ripple stitch and it makes me happy! Tip: To get a good photo of me working on this I handed over my phone to my love and he snapped one for me!

This was the week when I cleaned my craft room and discovered I had so many different tools; pens, sissors, screwdrivers and pain brushes. I snapped a photo of them all, it made me happy!

This was the week I had a lovely visit with a dear friend and we chatted over coffee and scones. Tip: Try to journal around the edge of a coffee mug or plate, it is fun!

This was the week when our seedlings sprouted. Tip: Sometimes you don´t need so many words. 

This was the week our cherry tree started blooming, it is always an exciting time.

This was the week I took family photos for my sister and her family.

Tip: Use cute free cards you get in packages to make a card for PL! This was the back of a greeting Cocoa Daisy had in their kit. 

And that my friends is yet another week of Project Life

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