torsdag 17 april 2014

Project Life 2014 | My thoughts so far

As many of you know, this is my third year in making a Project Life album. The first year was just a whirlwind of new products and otherwise all about products I think. The second year I started to find my style more and more. And now a few months into my third year I feel like I have totally made this project my own. I thought I´d share a few things I love from the album so far this year!

I love that I have found ways to include snippets of who my daughter is right now. For example I have screenshot of her most played playlists, texts and things she is sharing on social media. She is also very good at send me photos from when she is on trips and so on. I know that she will treasure this as an adult!

I love that I can include stories and photos from my sisters and their families even though we live far away from each other. Social media and texts are just perfect! I also love that I always focus on our weekends in the last few pockets on each spread. Weekends are our favorite and even though we might just be home and lounge, but still it is what we love to do and I like to include that too.

I love that some weeks have lots of journaling and others might just have a few lines. Lists are always a go-to way for me to journal! It might be a simple love list or a currently card.

I love how easy it is for me to add flip pockets in my album for more photos, journaling or if I want to add something I don´t want to be super visual for everyone.

I love that I decided to add weekly cards this year. That is one thing I missed from past years. Now it is so easy to see where in the year we are in each spread. The cards I am using is from this etsy shop! They are so clean and simple and goes right in the pockets some weeks, and others I mat them with some colored patterned paper.

I love inserts! I have a lot of them already and it seems like I need to move to a new album quite soon. Other years I have only 2 albums a year and switched to second one sometime in June. I am not sweating that I might end up with more albums this year.

I love that I decided long ago that this project would really be about our life good days and bad days. If there is a really bad day, I usually slip the story behind a flip pocket so that all the info is not right there for everyone to read.

I love to use labels to add to 3x4" photos. That means that I can use larger photos (less cutting) and still be able to add my journaling. I also love that I found a cute monthly card set at the beginning of the year. I went on Pinterest and found this set and that was it!

I love that I still am at it with this project! I am usually so bad at finishing stuff :)

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