torsdag 1 november 2012

Project life | My plastics

After I shared my last weeks spreads I got a few questions in the comments about what page protectors I use in my albums. Since there were an interest I thought I would share in a post also. 

For my base pages that I use every week I use these postcard sleeves. They are A4 size and hold 4 photos/postcards. 
The weeks are obviously 2 of these. I buy mine at my local bookstore/office supply store, but they seem to be hard to find online. Here is what I got when I googled it and I am guessing that ebay is the best way to go if you don´t find them in your store.

Since I don´t have the smaller slots (like the ones Becky Higgins offer) I often divide the pockets to hold two stories.

On a few occasions I have added these larger inserts, like for example to hold birthdaycards. What I do then is that I cut and sew from a basic A4 page protector, to get the size I need. It is actually super easy and I did a post last year that you can check out here about that.

Sometimes, I cut the postcard sleeves to hold just 2 photos, which makes me able to add 4 more photos to a spread.

Once or twice I have added in a regualr A4 page protector with interesting articles I have read that week, folded it in half and added a clip.

Last week I added some instagram photos as an insert. For these I used old thrifted sleeves that held those old computer discs back in the day! Here is a tip: when you go to a thriftstore or something like it, go flip through old binders to see if there are any cool page protectors in them! That is how I have found a few of the different sizes like 6x6" and trading card sleeves. I also got baseballcard page protectors gifted to me :)

Almost every week I have added a flip pocket so that I can include more photos or journaling. These are super easy to make. I cut up a postcard sleeve to single pockets and add dubble sided tape to the top or bottom and then just add it in where I like it. 

I think that is all...if you have any questions, please feel free to ask!

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  1. Awesome post, thank you. I have set myself a goal of finishing up my week in the life pages from April and also getting up to date with my 365 photo book then I will be ordering some of these page protectors as a reward. You certainly have fired up my passion for scrapbooking again :)

  2. Hejsan, hittade precis till din blogg efter att ha letat efter fler som gör PL i A4-format. Mycket bra inlägg.