måndag 12 november 2012


This weekend I was visiting my husband in the city that he lives in. A few weeks ago, when I was there I took a few photos that I didn´t share, so I thought I´d throw them in here too.
We had the most laidback weekend ever! He has a cold and wasn´t really feeling like going out doing stuff, so we stayed home.
We listened to a book, I did some cross stitching (more on that later!) and he played some game on the phone.
We snuggled, argued, we have to do that when we see each other too :)
We watched 2 episodes of Downtown Abbey and he watched it just for me. And we took such a wonderful walk, having fun conversation.
I wrote on FB on friday, that I was going away for a change of scenery, and I got that during our walks for sure. On the island we have no hills, and Gothenburg has all sorts of hills!
One of my favorite things is to walk around in new neighbourhoods just watching the houses and gardens.
I came home late, but my daughter (who stayed home this time) waited for me with dinner on the table <3 font="font">
I hope that your weekend was good too!

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