tisdag 28 juli 2009

lists, lists, lists

i love lists, you all know that. so when i saw this around the internet, i jumped on it :)

i always:

* check my emails in the morning
* wake up with a dog in my bed
* tell my daughter i love her, every day
* do to many things at once
* listen to the news in the morning
* think that being a motheris the hardest thing i have ever done

i never:

* drink alcohol
* forget to set my alarm
* go to sleep at night without reading first
* am completley content with myself
* drink coffee black
* entirely live in the moment

i was hard to come up with things to these lists, but it got me thinking about lot´s of stuff...and that´s good sometimes. and eyeopener maybe?

this photo from back in april makes me smile though :)

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