fredag 10 juli 2009

happy friday you all!

this will be my last weekend in my summer vacation, i start working on´s ok i guess. i just hope that the lovely weather could come back!
sadly i will also be very still this last weekend, because i was out working in the garden being a good girl and all, and then i hurt my foot so badly i have it in a bandage now and am limping on crutches. :(

onto happier things :)

i am loving this cross stitching buisness as of late! i have showed how a few projects before and here are 2 more.

and i just went thrifting today and found a lovely patterned with poppies :)

i am also working on a project much like the one cathy z is teaching in her class. i will be back tomorrow with that. i also have a wall hanging project to share, but that will too have to wait since we have dinner guests coming in a half an hour :)

have a lovely friday! ♥

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