tisdag 28 juli 2009


i am so bored even though i have a lot of things on my to-do list...

i felt like posting, but i have nothing much to report, so i will post a "today" thing from july 20th

outside my window: the wind is blowing and sun is shining.
i am thinking: about my daughter.
i am thankful for: my family and to be able to live here on the countryside.
from the kitchen: pancakes and my cerry jam.
i am wearing: my pyamas.
i am creating: a blanket with crochet squares.
i am going: to sleep well.
i am reading: a magazine and an elizabeth george novel.
i am hoping: for some nice, warm weather tomorrow.
i am hearing: M brushing his teeth and the cat´s purring.
around the house: there are lot´s to do, but it is atleast tidy.
one of my favorite things: to hear and see children play at work.

ok, i am going to stop now before i drag you all down in my boredom :)

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