onsdag 18 juni 2014

What makes me happy - a minibook

A month or so ago I showed you a PL week where I used the app Collect to create the cards with photos and journaling right in my iPhone. I really liked it and started this new project the same week. I had a Simple Stories 6x8" album at home and decided to make a minialbum with things/people/places that make me happy. 

The first few pocket pages hold a whole month of #makesmehappy cards I made with the Collect app. 

It was so easy to go back and get the photos and add just a few words for each day. I then just saved them on my phone and printed them. 

I have added to the mini since then and use just regular photos for some of the pockets aswell. Sometimes I add words, but often a photo says it all. 

I am looking forward to add happy things to this!

Ps. You know I have a new blog, right?! Don´t miss any posts! 

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