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WCS | March gallery

Happy March! It is time for the reveal of WCS March gallery! As usual March is minibook month and we all created minialbums/books for the gallery and let me just say that the team did an awesome job, there are so many cool books to look at!

I made a little different kind of minibook this time. I am recording our everyday life with Project Life and wanted to be able to incorporate the mini in PL. I used 2 page protectors from Simple Stories with 4 pockets sized 3,4”. I started out doing the journaling. I typed out a list of 35 things about me right now (I turned 35 on the 22nd!) on my typewriter. Then I just trimmed the pattern papers and lists to the right size and slipped everything in the pockets. As you can see I have minimal embellishments and just 2 photos. I love how it turned out and it looks great in my album!

Here is the list: 

1. I am 35. 35!

2. I work at the same kindergarden I worked at since I got my degree in 2006.

3. I have lived in the same house since 2003.

4. I carry a few extra kilos.

5. I love to craft!

6. This is my second year loving Stellan and I am still very much in love!

7. I love breakfast. Especially breakfast in bed!

8. I love to crochet. Yarn is my second drug!

9. I have a 14 year old! That is almost as unbelievable as the fact that I am 35!

10. I have been so tired lately.

11. You can find me in a black T-shirt any day of the week.

12. I still like to paint my nails. My toe nails are always painted.

13. I laugh every day. There was a time where it could go days when I laughed. Months without a real belly laugh.

14. I appreciate a day off so much!

15. I like to have an online life.

16. I like to watch "bad" TV like The real housewives of... and Sisterwives.

17. I don´t read as much as I have. I do however listen to a lot of audiobooks.

18. I long for spring and to start my seedlings. 

19. I like color. I wear mostly black but like to add color with scarves and shoes.

20. I have very little alone time. Sure, I am alone when I craft and scrapbook, but there is always someone home with me. That is positive ofcourse, since it means I have people that love me want to be with me, but I am used to having a lot of alone time. I am adjusting.

21. I am in a dream relationship right now. He has everything I have ever dreamt of. 

22. I still have so much left to do with house loans and after-divorce stuff. I want to wish ot all away. Sometimes being an adult sucks!

23. I always have a lot of projects going on at the same time.

24. Some days I have no inspiration at all, other days I have to much! 

25. I bite the sides of my nails all to much. 

26. I apparently snore!

27. I love photography!

28. Sunshine makes me happy!

29. I dream of doing something entirely different some day.

30. I am lucky to have so many people that love me.

31. I look forward to another great summer.

32. I seem to get more and more migraine the older I get.

33. I eat all to much crap!

34. I am a little addicted to my iPhone.

35. I love lists!

This is how it looks right in my PL album! I love it!

Be sure to visit the WCS blog during march since we are going to have a lot of minibook inspiration! 

Happy Saturday! 

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