tisdag 18 mars 2014

Project Life 2014 | Week 10

The 10th week of 2014.

I have a few flip pockets in the spread. Among others there is one under that first photo of me and my love at the bank taking care of some stuff. The journaling is underneath. I had to include the Oscar selfie :)

Otherwise I am plugging away pretty much the same way as other weeks. Using a lot of tags and my typewriter for journaling.

That first pocket (with the photo of my daughter and the title card) is also a flip pocket. We have had some teenage issues lately and I want to include those stories aswell, but don´t want to put my daughter on the spot with having them right in everyone´s face. So there is journaling underneath. I used a lot of bits and pieces I had on my table that were leftovers from other projects to embellish.

During march I am doing a photo thing on Instagram with one photo of where my feet was in march. You can see them all here on my Instagram. Just click the follow button and I will clear you :)
I printed them out as polaroids and added them to this little insert.

I love to have them all in there!

Have a great Tuesday!

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