fredag 14 november 2008

wanna come over and play?

i am about to have some serious creative fun tonight! wouldn´t it be fab if you all could come over and play with me?!! i have lot´s of projects going on right now:

* a crochet project (maybe etsy?)
* a Jessica Sprague project
* still a few things for the last newsletter
* a blackboard project drying up right now and needs a second coat
* a birthday gift in the making...
* i have some new fabric hoops to fill!
* holiday cards are being made today
* i might play a bit with some beads...

well, as you see i have a few things to do! but i think this to-do list is all fun!
so, i am going to edit this post as i go along!

i will start with a finished project:
i had a freebie necklace from like a book club or something laying around and then today when on a hunt for something completely else (!) i found this bead bracelet with gold colored dolphins on it. hm...i thought...i might use them together to make a necklace for my ever animal loving daughter :)

i simply removed the silvery heart from the necklace and attached one of the dolphins on the necklace instead. Voila! Instant jewellery :)

my girl is like me...low maintenance :)

ok see you soon!

edited at 4:52 pm:

a few holiday cards


blackboard project almost done


a tee for the jonas brother crazy daughter!


wanna make one too? i got the tee transfer photo here.

ok, back to work!

edited at 9:24 pm:

oh, mindi what would you do with all that ribbon?!!

unfortunatly i can´t show you anything more right now since my camera batteries just died and i haven´t gotten any fresh one :) see you tomorrow!

3 kommentarer:

  1. i'll come play! i got dibs on the ribbon jar!! :)

  2. sounds like you've had a very creative night!! so jealous!
    i *heart* that chalkboard paint. if we didn't live in an apartment, i'd have it everywhere!! :P

  3. Hi Lisa
    Thanks again for your great creative newsletter. Really love it and it gives good ideas for holiday cards (love the buttons heart).
    And thanks too for the jonas brothers!