tisdag 11 november 2008

i am a hero!

i am! i caught a mouse today! yes i did! well technically it was our cat, but i made him catch it! hehe...ok, here is the story (fyi?!)
At 4am yesterday morning i heard sally chasing something in the hallway. she is usually sound asleep in my daughters bed all night, so i just knew that it was a mouse. suddenly i heard her jumping beneath my bed and well the mouse was trapped. i guess it ws there all night long (i can´t understnad how i managed to go to sleep again!). the morning after we got both cats in the badroom and closed the door, thinking that we were giving them like a little easy snack (i know horrible!) can you guess what the darn cats did?! they jumped up on the bed, licked themselves and fell asleep!!! what?! i shook my head and muttered something about useless cats...
when my husband came home he rigged 2 mouse trapps in the bedroom and then we all slept in another room for the night. Peeking in the bedroom this morning resulted in that we knew it was either a very smart mouse or a not very hungry mouse, because both trapps were still rigged! i went to work and still when i just came home no mouse in any of the trapps. i had enough (+ my husband made me angry when he said that i am pitiful) took my boots on and a pair of gloves and just emtied everything in the closets out, i knew the mouse were in there somewhere. i also grabbed the cat and shoved him in the closet and he got to work. he caught it almost right away!
when everything was over, i felt sorry about the mouse, but very proud of myself! whohoo!

i am very happy to report that thank God "my" mouse was much smaller than the rat at work...do you remember?


anyways i scrapbooked again! made me happy! i captured how i have inspired my daughter to also take silly self portraits in strange places, like here in the car window :)

i hope that you have a wonderful, mousefree day!

2 kommentarer:

  1. LOL, I'm laughing at your mouse story! When I was little I woke up in the middle of the night to see my cat chasing and catch a mouse in my bedroom!!

    Glad you finally got that little sucker!


  2. lol... what a great little story! just glad you finally caught the little bugger!