tisdag 7 oktober 2008


♥ it was a lovely fall day.
♥ me and my daughter took our annual silly leaf-throwing photos.

sadie came with us too...

♥ we spend the evening in the stables for my daughters riding lesson
♥ we could catch the 8pm ferry intead of the 9.30 one ¨*joy*
♥ i had time for both whashing up, a shower, a dog walk and 2 chapters in my book before bedtime :)


♥ i had the pleasure of getting back in bed after the morning things.
♥ i read another 2 or 3 chapters in my book
♥ snuggled with the cat who had spend the night outside and needed a good snuggle
♥ the weather was fantastic
♥ i made to batches of bread
♥ i am going to scrap


♥ i am hoping the weather is equally fantastic
♥ i am getting of early from work
♥ planning to make some more crafts maybe even with my daughter
♥ i hope to have a nice cozy night infront of the TV

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