lördag 18 oktober 2008


meet sally! our newest family member. she is a 13 week old kitten found in a round-about a few weeks ago. can you even imagien there are people who put kittens in round-abouts so that they would run out in trafic and...well you get the picture. it is terrible! well, as you know me and my family, we couldn´t say no to little sally. so, now we have welcomed her into the family and so has the other pets...well the other cat is not amused just yet :) but dixon is very much in love. sally is playing very much hard to get :)

i am thinking that there will be quite a few good photo ops in this house in the future.

ps. will be back with a more craftrelated post soon.

4 kommentarer:

  1. Aaawww....cute kitty and yay to you for giving her a new home :)

  2. Love the kitty! I just came from PetCo early and they had the cutest kitties ever! The lady who worked there said they( all three ) had been put in a box and left behind someones tire!? It makes me shake my head and hope that Karma is keeping tabs.

    The doggy looks like he is just love sick over the kitty. Love the photos

  3. she's adorable! love the pics with your dog...so sweet :)