onsdag 21 november 2007

Just look at those cute feet! My friend just got twin boys early November and I just had to take some photos of their swet babyness :)

Ok here is a list for today!

1.Ingunn had the funniest link on her blog the other day! I think anyone with pets, especially very hungry dogs, can relate totally with this story! I know I can!

2. I found this cool company while browsing the ever so wonderful internet. They have some really cute things.

3. And this girl makes some very cool cuffs, that I would love to have!

4. Sew mama sew blog had a Holiday Handmade Blog meme today that I will make when I have the time. Go check it out!

5. Inge made the best CJ entry into my "For the love of seasons" CJ! She is a fellow list lover :)

6. I made some sweet Christmas gift finds at my local Red Cross second hand store today. Go check out if you have one near you.

7. I am waiting on this and this to arrive on my doorstep tomorrow! Horray!

8. I like this layout.

9. Ali hade some cool links on her blog too.

Haha there is no number 10 because the family is calling for my attention now!

Please leave your mark in the comments section!

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