lördag 13 september 2014

WCS | July gallery

Happy July! I can´t believe that yet another month has passed by already! 
But the first of each month always has something fun in it, the new gallery at WCS.

The theme this month is The great outdoors. Oh and you know I could have made 100 layouts on this topic! But I just made 3 ;)

This is a 6x8" page and I really enjoy making pages in this size. I love how they look in my album among the bigger ones. 

I have had this peony for a few years and it started out pityful and didn´t bloom for a while. Then three years ago it finally got strong stems and grew one flower. Now it has become stronger and bigger and it brings me such joy seeing the process. 

This is my second page for the gallery.

Everyone that knows me, knows I love my garden. Being able to grow things is good for the soul and the process is so very cool. I love being able to plant a seed, care for it and then being able to harvest. 

I have said a hundred times before, we live on the most beautiful place on earth! 

Now hop on over to the WCS blog! 

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