tisdag 1 oktober 2013

WCS | October gallery

Can you believe that it is October 1st today?!! Where has the time gone!
Anyhow, today is also the day when we can give you a full new gallery at WCS

Our theme this month is "A day in the life..." I was inspired to make a page about how my cat Sally has the best days around here! She just wanders around trying to find the best place to nap :)

Visit the launch post over at WCS to see what materials I used on both my layouts!

I also made this layout about my (new) crazy fun family! I simply adore that we laugh everyday! 
I added a watercolor card I made in this layout! Watercolor is my new favorite! 

I know that the new gallery is filled with great ideas, so go check it out! If this post finds you very early in the morning the launch post might not have been posted yet, then just pop back in a bit later ;)

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