onsdag 9 december 2009

hehe that photo above gives you an idea of how i feel right now :) i am super stressed, but am really trying to get things done and check of my huge to do list. i can´t understand how things (read events, meeting´s, dr´s appointments etc) tend hoard up into one week! i am really trying to calm down and take the moments of peace and genuinelly rest. i hate feeling stressed and out of time and know that these situations tend to trigger my anxiety and depression. but i am going to fight that! i am so looking forward to our trip that is next week! me and my husband ♥ are going to our friend J in Rotterdam, Holland for a few days and it is going to be fantastic! in the stressed spirit that i have right now i wanted to list things that i do really love and enjoy about these season:

candles, the light that they give

the expectation of something to come

finished christmas gifts all wrapped up

scents of gingerbread, oranges and cinnamon

christmas projects and crafts

christmas music

stars and twinkling lights

oh, i can go on since i really do love christmas time, but i won´t because i have to get ready for a work christmas party tonight!

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