söndag 15 november 2009

:::weekend edition:::

man i am having such a good weekend! our daughter is out for the weekend and we are alone. that means alot of sleeping in, lounging and doing whatever we feel like, ah! and the sun was even out for a minute :)

i did alot of crafting! (while listening to a Peter James book Dead simple it is sooo good!) i got so inspired when i found this blog yesterday! this woman is a sewing wizard! i made a few bags inspired by her. (i haven´t taken photos yet).

i did take a long walk today with the dogs in the forest. it was lovely.

i also added a few things to our wall :) i am so loving how it is coming together!

the cats apperently also thought that lounging was a good idea for the weekend.

and now i am going to see the greys episode that i missed last week and soon my dd is coming home and dinner is cooking :) and tomorrow i will be back with layouts galore!

5 kommentarer:

  1. love the black and white photos on your wall!

  2. love the heart you made out in nature! Also the cat is adorable.

  3. Love your pictures and adding of photos on the wall. I may have to start doing that!

  4. Lovely collection of photos on your wall there. Sounds like a lovely weekend you're having.

  5. thanx for that g8 blog and the tip for the blogsite.....it's saved to my faves now.
    jo xx