tisdag 27 oktober 2009

ok, so yesterday didn´t turn out at all like i had planned it. my kidneys had hurt all weekend and monday coming up i took my butt to the local dr´s office. i was in such pain by then but i got some drugs for that and also something for my very high fever. i went home for a cuple of hours and then my dr calls me up wanting me to go to the ER for some more tests. ok, off i go. at the same time my father was also going to the same ER so we kept eachoher company :) not that we had to, since there was this cute and ûberactive 4 year old entertaining the whole waitingroom! by the time i got there she had befriended everyone and everyone knew her by name :) she had eaten a small lightbulb "i chewed it. it was fun!" at one time she was eating an apple and had a small piece of it on her finger, she stuck it in my fathers face and asked "do you wanna lick it?" haha! i was telling my dad that every waitingroom should have such entertainment.
anyway, i ended up being admittted to the hospital and battled some bad fever tops all night and morning. but i have got IV liquid and anti-biotics so the fever should be better by tomorrow.
i am so happy, though, that my husband and daughter remembered to have the computer with them for me :) so now i can get going on those 65 feeds i have in my bloglines :)

3 kommentarer:

  1. Just came to your blog from Shimelle's class. Love your style and your photography! Beautiful!

  2. hej. usch å fy. det låter inte alls bra. skönt att du ändå verkar vara positiv. skönt att du fick din dator iaf ;) krya på dig. Myamia

  3. oh no! Poor Lisa. Get better soon soon soon!