torsdag 6 augusti 2009

oh, summer is here again in sweden! after weeks of rain and not very summery weather the heat is back again :) it makes me feel so good!

i am laying around after work now and just looking through my daily stops on the world wide web. here are some of the things i have seen today:

lots of lovely craft ideas at

over at the daily digi blog they are talking about making sure that you are in your scrapbooks! and they have a lovely set of digital kits to help you!

i downloaded these cute houses :)

i still love seeing everyones fantastic photos over at it is one of my more that once daily stops :) and makes it so easy to put together your favorites :)

1. rananculas, 2. verte vallée, 3. Untitled, 4. yawn..., 5. morning sunbathe, 6. get it!!, 7. Hey Mom, this is what you can get the kids for Christmas, 8. she can still get air, even in a dress, 9. creamsicle, 10. Untitled, 11. Untitled, 12. estate sale clock, 13. fun times, 14. Wellie & JK, 15. luglio, si torna dal mare, 16. Briciole di colore, 17. painting, 18. town9, 19. hopscotch, 20. Last Of The Butterflies....., 21. Untitled, 22. vintage tins, 23. kitchen things, 24. lovelino, 25. grannyblanket, 26. camielle, 27. mytins, 28. IMG_2096, 29. l o v e., 30. 16/52, 31. wise words, 32. SoftScent, 33. Don't keep calm and carry on., 34. sights of summer, 35. Velorbis - Made in Germany, 36. teacup chandelier

but for some reason some of the images are not showing here, so here is the link to my favorites!

the idiy blog has such nice ideas on almost everything, have you seen them?

and i finally saw the famous wedding dance video, and i must say it was amazing!

ok, now both my daughter and a fly is bugging me so i have to go ;=)

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