lördag 20 juni 2009

making hoops

a wonderful lazy saturday at my house today. we were out in the garden all day reading sleeping and talking. i did make some hoops today too :)

a prefect outdoor project if you ask me :)
yesterday the scrapfest continued too...

the story: "a photo i never took" we were out by this lovely lake just when the sun was setting and it was extraordinary beautiful...didn´t have my camera but i picked a water lily that i took a photo of when i got home.

the goods: not many goods really :)

super simple just to remember when and where...

i feel maybe an album idea is coming on...i have all these shots of flowers...i looked up the latin name for liliacs and just did a little own journaling...we´ll see how it all progress...

and you? what did you do today?

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