fredag 13 februari 2009

hello (normal) life

i am back! i am sooo happy that this is all over, because i absolutely hate having the stomach flu! yesterday when i did feel much better, my fingers started itching to make something :) so i printed some photos, did some journaling, jazzed a few papers up and that my friends is a little thing what we all call scrapbooking :)

the story: well, i thought it was time to make an update about our beloved lojals. they are all doing so good and are happy and healthy. i just jotted down their current age and what they are into right now.

the goods: i didn´t use that much product on this, but the paper is from panduro hobby (the link is to a uk site!). the small hearts are punched from this paper (one of my all time favorites!). the large letter stickers are american crafts remarks. and the fabulous long labels are from the containerstore´s site, you can choose from a few different designs.

the story: i have a big love and passion for bookshops. i love everything about them; books, knowledge, paper all in one place what not to love?!

the goods: my minds eye die cut, and hearts are punched from amy butler dubble sided paper. i computer printed the journaling with a font called LeHavre, but i cannot find where i downloaded it from...

the story: well, being home and quite out yesterday the pets apperently felt the vibe since this is how i found them all when i woke up :)

the goods: the paper is SEI and the red stripes of paper is from Tildas paper pack. you´ll recognize the tag since i talked about one just above :) i chose to print the photos smaller than my usual size so that they´d all fit on a standing
A4 layout.

the story: again i was thinking about doing an update page about sally (our newest cat). she has been with us since this fall and has evolved into a very nice, special kitty.

the goods: this turned out really really simple which i like :) the journaling is computer printed and the font is will & grace which is very classy i thing ;) the sticker strip (one of a kind) is from my minds eye i think... and i couldn´t resist using that birdie bam-pop paper on this kitty themed page ;)

the story: my daughter was reading my lists of 30 i have been writing this year and she wanted to do one to...but with just ten things she ♥ :)
edited: mindi, here is the list:
1. mom and dad
2. animals
3. pasta bolongais
4. to climb
5. dancing
6. to sing
7. to go to the pool
8. jump
9. summer
10. to go in military trucks (her dad is an army officer and will be deployed to kosovo shortly to take care of the land mines there that´s why :) )

the goods: i wanted to use her own writing so i acctually used the page from the notebook in which she wrote it in. the owl paper is from panduro (can u see i love that paper pack?!) and the star paper is my own design. i threw in a round tag from senic route and added the date with my date stamp.

ok, so there you have it. i hope this was worth the wait ;)

tomorrow i will be back with how our valentines day date went (i am suprising my husband with going to a small day spa with bubble baths, saunas and a lovely meal) and i have a few other small suprises in store ;)
oh, and since i am in a mood to celebrate look out for a new TOSGA on tuesday!

4 kommentarer:

  1. those pages are FABULOUS!!!

    I am feeling so inspired now :)

    Glad to see you are better

  2. You rocked the Kraft paper :) I love the first LO with all 4 pets and the journaling strips underneath it!

  3. can you share what stina's list says? i can make out a couple of words, i think. ;)

    i love that she made her own list. annabelle turns 7 next month, maybe she'll do the same? :)

  4. oh how sweet :)
    thanks for sharing her list!