söndag 11 januari 2009

blue & scrapping shares

mindi took photos of anything blue the other day and it trigged me to do the same. here is what i found around the house.

1.our bathroom rug. 2.the loved computer. 3.my daughters love note on the fridge. 4.IFK-is the team around here. 5.some of my yarn. 6.my lonely sewing machine. 7.the book i just finished. 8.our salt shaker! 9.our everyday plates.

this was fun! go try!

i have a few new scrapbooking shares for you :)

the story: my daughter is taking riding lessons and they allow the kids to be around in the stables for a while before the lessons. this is a very happy thing for her! she loves to be there (although she was thrown off last time yikes!). last time we took a picnik with us and had such a lovely time.

the goods: i wanted to use "white space" on this one, so i printed the photos alittle smaller than i usually do. and, people, i am so bad at adding those little details nowadays! it makes me so frustrated! it doesn´t come naturally for me anymore! why is that? anyway i am in love with anything scalloped these days so i used a mini one here :)

the story: i wanted to make something using my "word" for the year; play.

the goods: i had to use carina gardners digi kit calender cards i bought at 2peas. i love these cards! this page didn´t come out anything like i was planning :) i wanted to use the map for some reason, but i think that this makes the page look "2 paged" like they don´t belong together...oh, well!

the story: my daughter is a rockstar! she loves to sing and dance. and the singstar is the best right now! she put on such shows, i tell you :)

the goods:. My Minds Eye`s die cut was just perfect for this and so was that scenic route die. that awsome journaling tag was sent to me by karine! i love them, karine!

the story: politics is nothing for me, i find it confusing, but i know that what we need is peace, now! everywhere, for you, for me, for them, for us!

the goods: super simple, but i have never measured so much on a page before haha! i printed the peace on my computer (it is the font diesel from here.)i like the print out :) the other peace is rub-ons from a big pack of alphabet rub-ons from creative café.

ok, that is it for today! have a lovely day!

4 kommentarer:

  1. lovely blue :) the yarn is my favorite!

  2. Blue is such a great color! Great collage :)

  3. I love the comments on your layouts.

    Great idea for the colour photos :)

  4. I'm so happy you love it ;)
    good scrap!