måndag 29 december 2008

get your scraps on!

so between happy dinner dates with friends, guitar hero and sing-star games and lounging on our couch i did some memory keeping. i had a few photos and memories i have wanted to get down on paper for a while, but aren´t the newer pictures and events always more fun to record?! well, they seem to be for me!

J gave us playstation2 and the guitar hero band thing with drums, mic and 2 guitars! yep, we have been playing kinda non-stop since christmas eve!

and i always try to take a family photo or two around christmas and this is what i got this year.

ah, and christmas. you have to record christmas!

sally loves to lay under the tree just like a litte christmas gift with fur :)

oh and just for the record; all things are really straight in the real world :)

ok, just a small share!

2 kommentarer:

  1. Hoppas att ni har haft det bra i jul! Fina layouts du har gjort! :-) Du är så duktig som scrappar tycker jag. Jag kom ju igång där för några år sen... men sen rann det tyvärr mest ut i sanden... och nu känns det inte riktigt som tiden räcker till för att komma igång igen! Får njuta av att titta på andras fina grejer som de scrappat! ;-)

    kram Linda

  2. awesome girl .. and me love love loves some Guitar Hero .. I am so addicted lol

    Happy New Year