onsdag 30 januari 2013

From pin to reality | Crafting with paper

I shared an image on Instagram yesterday and it was tagged under #craftoftheday. I got a few curious questions :)
I got inspiration from one of these pins and have already made one of these hearts for an older layout. You can see it below. But wanted to make a larger version for my wall. 
I cut triangles and ended up cutting them in half as they were too big for my project. I used the pinned imaged as a guide as I lay out the pieces.

Here is a view of the herat I made previously and also so you can see the difference in size.

When I had adhered all the pieces to a cardboard background, I decided to make it more like a patch work using my sewing maching to sew the pieces together also.

This is how it looked before I cut all the threads.

 I decided to use an old wood plate that I had already used as a chalkboard as a way to display the heart. So I simply used 3d dots to attached the paper heard. I added the word home by tracing letterstickers.

And used a chalkpen to fill the letters in.
Tada! Here is the finished pieces! As I had cut the triangles in half I had enough to make two of these. I am going to use the other one as a V-day card for my daughter :)
Let me know if you need anymore info! Thanks for stopping by!

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