måndag 11 oktober 2010

giveaway post!

edited: i have heard that there have been difficulties commenting on this post. if you are one of those who couldn´t comment but still want to be in the drawing just send me an email:

first i just wanted to thank you all very much for your coments, hugs, emails and much comfort regarding this weekend. we are still heartbroken, but we know that sadie is in a good place now.
today is a much happier post!

today first i am happy to announce a very special giveaway!
the very lovely monika wright! she is very kindly offering this print in her etsy shop for one lucky winner!

wow! thank you so much, monika! and she added that she will happily ship internationally too!
the print usually costs 12 us dollars with shipping and i will donate those 12 dollars to the pink ribbon foundation here in sweden!
and be sure to check out monikas other items too! there are so many cool things there. my current favorite is the fall mini kit and this life print!

and i, myself have created this print that you can buy right here for 20 us dollars including shipping. it is a photoprint in size A4 (i.e approximatly 21x28 cm).

all sales will be donated to the pink ribbon foundation!
happy day!
if my print is nothing that you fancy (i won´t take offense!)
you can donate using the button below and i will be sure to give that also to the pink ribbon foundation!

happy day! and good luck on the giveaway at the top of this post. just leave a comment to this post and i will choose a winner by friday!

2 kommentarer:

  1. OOhhh that's a darling piece, Lisa :) I'd love to be in your drawing :)
    Thank you!

  2. I'd love to be in it to win it too. Great job raising money for breast cancer, I did my bit a few weeks ago.